Taxes… and…



I am not going to pretend to be a Nobel Laureate with a ground breaking solution to our economic situation. I have always been able to calculate math fairly quickly and was always registered in the advanced math classes. This doesn’t make me an expert in the field but it does give me the ability to see through poorly constructed tables or miscarried numbers.

I have played simulation games that require taxation, I have watched economic models explained and dissected in Youtube videos, and I have read through several history books concerning only the most basic theories. None of these things qualifies me, except that I am being honest about my limitations. I know what I am capable of and I know what I am not. So I must look with an ever more discerning eye at the numbers. I cannot flippantly expect that I have the right information or will instinctively make the correct call.

Many times the solution we seek is not a single option we have considered. We are so caught up in the moment and so focused from our perspective that we fail to take in the whole picture. There are many times I have to ask myself do we need another tax or do we need to take a hard look at the other end of tax collection, Spending…

I am sure the world would be a better place if we have an infinite supply of resources. While we are able to completely consume the earth and its resources it has been in our best interest to moderate the process. We have created an artificial scarcity of resources and that has created the economic system we use today. By creating an incentive on these resources many believe it creates an incentive for hard work, innovative thinking, risk taking, and, sadly, a little treachery.

Unfortunately we have come to a point in which our government has spent far beyond even an artificial debt limit. Threatening to shut down if we do not sign another piece of paper that says we can go further into debt. Creditors limit all but the wealthiest of citizens and yet the government knows nothing of the sort. Politicians freely sign bills that have their names attached. Hoping the history books will remember the contributions they dedicated their cause on our behalf. Failing to consider even once the cost to us all if every single tax proposal and government expense was approved.

How many leaks can be found in the system? How much spending is routed to completely unessential projects while neglecting actual problems? Could the entire system benefit from reeling in wasted spending? Does the government really need to spend a 2000% markup on construction materials? If so is there and alternate way to get that work done?

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