The Number 22


You may not agree with the war. You may support it. Most Libertarians side with diplomacy but understand the need for defense. We have different opinions on the wars our country has been involved in and it is likely we all disagree with each others solutions. What we cannot disagree about is that, no matter what justification our government may use for sending our service members to war, we cannot turn our backs on the volunteers who joined. The type of individuals who volunteer do not change because of the war in which they served. They joined in the pursuit of serving the people and in the hope of destroying evil. None joined for the chance to be global oppressors or to guard poppy fields.

Many who went found reasons they knew we had made the right decision. Others found reasons no one should ever be involved in war. When they return they are met with bumper stickers. Thank yous meant to bolster the feeling of patriotism within the thanker and not the member being thanked. While some may go to war to find glory I don’t think they did it for the random thanks yous they might get in a store. Especially since the thanks you are so hollow. They know if we truly cared we would fight to protect them. They would know then because that is not what they know now. They know that the pharmaceutical industry pours a lot into the troops. They know friends who now struggle with homelessness. They know that year after year the Number 22 still exists. That’s the number of services members who take their lives every day in our nation.

Our Mothers, Our Fathers, Our Brothers, Our Sisters, Our Daughters, Our Sons, Our Friends, and Our Neighbors. These are not faceless statistics. The people who volunteered so that if the greatest evil the world had ever known had surfaced it would not do so without resistance. We will take care of ours.