The lesser of two evils

A part of me wishes I could collect all of the votes.

A bigger part considers the people who would vote for the lesser of two evils and I think to myself “I don’t even want those people on my team.”

Those people are cowards and should abstain from voting. I am not suggesting that we strip them of their right to vote. They have already done that to themselves. They have cowered to fear that they could not win voting for what they truly believed in. They need to submit because they would rather be on the winning team than on the right team. I have no tolerance for people who would sacrifice any other portion of their character for victory, least of all the decisions that will affect others surrounding them.

If you have thought to yourself that you wished there were more options, there are six. I am sure there is at least one good candidate for you, a couple of bad ones, and I am somewhere right in the middle. Read about them and choose who you wish, even if it’s not me. Especially if it’s not me. Let your voice be heard. Don’t give into fear. If everyone voted for who they truly wished maybe we would be surprised by the results. There are more than two.

If you have thought to yourself that even though you are aware of the other candidates you just can’t risk losing to the other team. Kindly leave this page and try not to let the wind blow you over on your way out.