Immigration and Firearms


If we ban them the problem goes away right?

Guns? Or immigrants?

Ban them and then we are safe.

What if one person is killed because you don’t create a law or do something?

“Build a wall!” Or is it, “build a wall they will find another way!”?

“Ban the Guns!” Or is it, “Ban the guns and they will find another way!”?

We can’t strip them of their rights!

Who? Gun owners or immigrants?

If you believe the solution to solving either of these issues is to create a new law or spending project you have no idea how similar you are to each other. You believe that a law or wall will stop the small percentage who will choose to break the law? Is this going to lead to a waste of time as we run in circles chasing our own tails? Should we remain ignorant to the fact we all continue to circle within echo chambers using the EXACT same tactics while telling the opposition they are insane for their effort?

Whether I agree with their choices I know that there are gun owners who will never turn their guns into the government. They will be “lost during a boating accident. Yep, all 60 guns disappeared in the bottom of the ocean.” Even if they turned in their guns that doesn’t mean the weapon is now off the streets. Even if they took away everyone’s gun it doesn’t mean there is an end to violence.

I don’t have an answer to end all violence. I only have one answer to end one particular trend I see in the violence. I see a recurring pattern of sub-par parents with unsecured firearms. Little to no investment in the lives of their children, who are left unsupervised with a firearm. Should every single parent secure their gun because all children can not be trusted? No. There are plenty of small children with more maturity and weapons training than adults I know. Should the government be allowed to force you into storing your firearm in a particular fashion? No. Should you be held as an accessory to the crime if you are a parent without the common sense to secure their firearm in the proper container when it is used in a crime? Yes.

You cannot stop the suicides by firearm. That is a means and not a cause. You cannot ignore that incidents in which a life was saved because a firearm was used in defense is 1200% more common than a non-suicide related death by firearm. We cannot stop terrible parents, who lack the responsibility for either gun ownership or parenthood. What we can do is motivate them into doing such things lest they pay for the results of their failures. That should free us to focus on the other sources of tragedy since a weapons ban should not happen.

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