This is the least Libertarian thing about me but I am not very apologetic about it. a 4-part Series


The most important thing to remember about this whole section is this: I wouldn’t have wasted 305 million on a website. The website that you are on I created myself, for 60 dollars, and the Feds already made one with our tax dollars. I guess Cover Oregon meant we were going to have to cover the bill because someone needed their name attached to something other than ethics violations.

1 The Perspective

I can only comment on my perspective as a Husband and Father. A person who wants to make sure his family is healthy and has dealt with what the average person has. Someone who has dealt with the system as a patient and customer. I have not been involved with the insurance industry or the medical field in any employment capacity. Often times I will read a news article and I will ask questions on social media.

I know that everytime I post a question about the healthcare system my friend Vinny, the Pharmacist, responds with a brief but thorough answer. His answer is usually very insightful which unfortunately means there is a caveat to the message. There is the ideal which we hear in the examples presented by lawmakers and then there is the reality that comes when the system is put into practice.

Most of us understand this concept. All of the employees know that the way management wants something done is the backwards way of doing it. They do not understand every aspect of managing a company but there are certain aspects where they are the experts. If you ask them why the aren’t doing things by the book they will tell you the book was written by someone who hasn’t done the job. Perhaps they are forced to go by the book and you’ve heard endless rants about the disconnect between upper management and the workforce.

As someone untrained in the practice of medicine, as I would assume most career politicians are, I would hesitate to railroad through any legislature of my own creation. What outcome do we expect from a system theoretically designed to regulate the safety of practice being the source of the product?

Instead of the government ensuring the safety of the people while the insurance companies and hospitals conduct business they have entangled themselves together. Pharmaceutical Companies and Hospitals both sending bills that could seemingly fund NASA brought down to a 15 dollar co-payment. When some people hear deregulation they think anarchy. When I say it I mean getting the greedy little pigs out of the places that prevent the regulations meant to keep us safe from performing.

From my perspective the forced implementation of Obamacare was not the most frustrating part of all the event to transpire. For eight years the Republicans rallied behind cries to bring an end to Obamacare. The rally started before President Obama even succeeded in creating the AHCA. They were going to have the power one day and they were going to repeal it to death! However, when the time came we found out something very important. During that 8 years of rallying behind an end they had failed to create a solution suitable for replacement. They were so excited to get to the airport they left their tickets at home. Even worse… they forgot to book the flight.

2 The reason i “crossed party lines”

If you have not gathered by now the Libertarian attitude is not against charity as much as it is against forced taxation followed by waste. I am sure if history had proven that governments could be trusted stewards of our money you’d see less “Taxation Is Theft” bumper stickers in the world. The idea of inflating the government by absorbing healthcare into itself is sickening. The wastefulness it will lead to. The disenfranchised learn very quickly the downsides of the allowing the government to determine whether an operation should be labeled as “elective”. Career Politician is second only to Lawyer for the most common occupation before becoming a Congressman.

This disgust for such a system is surpassed only by one thing. It may be personal but it will serve two sides of the issue. That issue is I hate sick people. Not that I hate the person who is sick but instead the infectious diseases they may be spreading. I do not mean the isck should be shunned like biblical lepers. I will sit next to them on the bus. I will open the door for my family and then later hug my little girls. i would prefer I do that with hands not covered in germs.

I do regularly wash my hands with non-antibacterial soap however you never know what could happen. I do not want to be sick or to be around sick people. Since I do not want to get rid of the people I will do whatever I can to eliminate the sickness. If Jimmy Carter can demolish Hookworm, I can work through systemic issues with Universal Healthcare. The people who want the “socialist style healthcare” are going to get to keep it until a solution can be brought. Isn’t that a federal issue? Yes. The issue from our state’s perspective is finding a way to get better healthcare, at better prices, with cheaper insurance than what is being offered by the government. Any solution we find can be used as an example for the rest of the country. If we can’t then those who share my beliefs will have failed ourselves.

3 Mental Health

Homelessness and Gun Violence are extremely prevalent topics being debated today. Many disagree over the causes but I personally believe both of these tragedies are the result of our failure to take care of the mentally ill. Because of our failure to find answers we are faced with new tragedy distracting us from the root causes.

While there may be a very small and insignificant portion of the homeless who are “too lazy to find a job” I doubt that anyone would choose to take on the effort needed to survive on the street over the effort one puts into employment. You should also clearly be able to see the difference between a person in a small tent community near a car versus a person sleeping in the frigid cold with no blanket. No amount of apathy leads to a person exposing themselves to the elements that way. The hard part is forcing a person into what equates to a prison even if for “their own good” as well as the burden of cost to taxpayers.
Concerning Gun Violence, I believe a firearm to be a tool but the act of murder to be unrelated otherwise. People have used vehicles and various household objects to commit murder. Statistically, thirty thousand deaths by firearm are recorded each year. One hundred, or three percent, will unfortunately die by accidental discharge of some sort. Around two thousand will be killed by a firearm outside of gang violence. Another rough ten thousand is related to gang violence. IF you remove these lost lives from the statistics the last portion, larger than fifty percent of the total, is suicide. Suicide, which is a mental health issue, in which a firearm was used as a finality. If you want a solution to half of the death by firearm legal gun ownership is not where work is needed... Mental health is.

300… 250… 200

300… 250… 200

189 pounds

189 pounds

4 My health Journey

People like to smuggly say that the military is a socialized system. The healthcare is provided by the government and it’s ironic that so many military people are anti-Obamacare. Find me a veteran eager to visit the VA. I broke my ankle in the Navy and after six hours the Navy had only taken x-rays while refusing pain medication because they needed to send me to a civilian doctor. When I arrived at the civilian doctor’s office I handed them the X-Rays I was given at the Navy hospital. They were another patients images and they were for a the patient’s chest. I hope they are alright because at the very least HIPAA had been violated.

I once stepped onto a scale and watched the needle scroll passed three hundred pounds. I now weigh around two hundred depending on what I ate that day. I didn’t just lose the weight but I also gained a lot of muscle. I did this with hard work and nutrition alone. There is no miracle cure and the government recommended food pyramid, paid for by lobbyists, is wrong. I earned a certification in personal training in my downtime to legitimize my perspective. You can argue with me about nutrition but I have an 8-pack and practice grappling with trained fighters over two hundred pounds. I have an anecdotal example of what hard work and distrust of government recommendations can create, in myself. If you do not have the same physique, or the equivalent level of health, then this would be an opportunity to change things. If you are in better shape than me I am more than willing to learn something new.

Our society is sick. Our leaders are not shining examples of health. I may not be a doctor but I do know something about how the body works and the foods we should put into our bodies. Instead of taxation hoping to regulate what personal choices we make concerning the things we wish to consume perhaps everything can be achieved through better recommendations. Perhaps we try not letting the sugar industry finance it.