Do you support gay marriage? If you don’t then you probably will not like this next part but two things for you to read first; grow up and pay attention, because the principle translates to other issues. As you fought for gay rights you should have noticed something. The government had no say in who your heart chose to love. The only thing the government was able to do was say that you cannot. You had to fight for the government to allow gay marriage. Almost as if we had no government to approve then would we no longer have marriage.

Governments will form anytime two or more people begin working together. Various forms of government and their political systems have risen and fallen throughout history. Fascism, Multiple iterations of Communism, Democracies, Republics, and Monarchies. The difference between our government and those before it is that we began with the premise that each and every person began life with a set of rights. These rights exist whether the government exists or not. Some believe they are given to us by a Creator. Some believe that even without such a being existing we possess these rights because the principles are simply true in any circumstance.

As we cast away the power who ruled over us the inevitable creation of a new government began. The Founders drafted multiple versions of our Constitution as they debated what Rights our people would be recognized. Not given, but protected from ever being stripped away. Stripped away by any government that could ever manifest itself. They did not know then what we would be today and we do not know with certainty what we will become. The first ten amendments they named the Bill of Rights. While some are confused by the word “Amendment” in this case it does not indicate the words were rewritten or modified. They simply knew they could not address all matters initially so they left room to place additional portions of text at future dates.

The Founders who created the Constitution had just overthrown a monarchy with revolution.. If they had spoken out against the king they would have been punished. Simply offending a member belonging to a class above your own station could lead to extreme repercussions. If we are all equal then how could one person hold such power over another? Our speech, our thoughts, our values, our religion… all of these things belong to you and I alone. The First Amendment does not give us the ability to have free speech, it guarantees us that the government cannot take these freedoms away. They are ours to lose, not theirs to give. This is the First because to the government it is the most dangerous power that we possess against them. The pen is mightier than the sword some might say.


The Second followed in which they had recognized our right to protect the first and subsequent amendments. While the pen may be mightiest, its full strength comes when it is used to inspire the use of weapons. The First gave us the theoretical protection to say what we wanted against our oppressors and the Second made it a reality. I however believe that a tyrannical government is only the final and organized evolution of evil.

From to the most basic forms of existence to the complex creature that is human, all have the right to defend ourselves. No one will fault a bear for using its claws to fight another to the death. Nature is cruel and the universe can be unforgiving. Our country is one of the youngest in the world. Nations have taken longer to collapse than we have even existed. There is no guarantee that what we have is permanent. The safety of modern society that we experience is held together by a fragile thread. The Right of Self Preservation is not one the government gives us, it is ours to lose.

The thing about freedom is people are free to use it in many different way. Some will use freedom to create a better life for themselves and a better life for others. Some will use it it to follow their dreams. They will take great risks at the chance for great rewards. Innovators will create new and exciting inventions. Artists will inspire others with their work and bring more beauty to the wonder that is life. And then there are sick and evil people. They will use this one opportunity we have with life and they will use it to hurt people. They will steal more than money but life itself. They do not care about rule and law.

It is because of these people that we desperately struggle to find the right set of laws. Rules that we could put in place to prevent pointless tragedy. As if a rule could prevent a murderer from committing such an act. We find ways of stripping away freedom and we do these things out of fear. Fear is felt by those with the capacity and foresight to recognize danger. This is a sign of intelligence. There is great danger in freedom. It is good then that we are not just the Land of the Free. We are also the Home of the Brave. We will not bow down to those who mean to cause us fear. We recognize that the danger exists yet we will have hope in Life. Courage is not fearlessness, it is the ability to push through fear. We must be courageous so that we do not let them steal life without an act of violence. We will not let the evil people in this world take away our Freedom…

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Truth is not Subjective. The hard part about discerning between facts is that they usually sit outside of and in between our opinions.