A Case for Capitalism…

Game of Thrones is a very popular show fans are eagerly awaiting the final season for.  One of the story lines follows a young queen with a connection to dragons. This makes her an almost unstoppable force.  While dragons are only creatures of fantasy, they represent a very good analogy. Dragons have the ability to fly far above the other combatants with swift speed and efficiency.  They breath fire, which can serve so many purposes. The fire can be used to forge weapons, alter the earth, or to consume the opposition. The problem arises when the Dragon is unleashed without any regulation. When a dragon is out of control it has the power to completely scorch the earth.

  This is the power and danger with Capitalism.  There is no evidence to suggest that Capitalism is not the most effective form of creating wealth.  Even with an absurdly large gap between the wealthiest and the poorest of our nation we have the highest wages overall in the world.  Our interpretation of poverty is above the annual income for entire villages in less developed countries. Due to the private sector being beholden to shareholders or having personal capital investment at stake they must move efficiently or they will perish.  It must innovate above the current battlefield and stretch technological innovation. What we fear is scorched earth. We fear our attempt to gain ever more ends with the destruction of our home.

  I have to ask you this.  Where will the “bad” people go if the power was given to State?  Bureaucracy and lobbyists not longer attempting to influence but instead placed in control. Then the dragon could no longer fly or use fire as these would require the oversight of multiple regulatory ministries.  Each ministry with a personal interest in remaining relevant and maintaining their share of the power. These ministries would be led by motivated people.  People who would have once filled the role of CEO are now Ministers of the State. The same “greedy” individuals who would have competed against each other, to earn your business, are now the authority in which business is conducted.  Instead of a limited government only using the power as was given to safeguard the people against tyrannical oligarchy, they simply become it. Unless you suggest we follow the examples of Pol Pot or Chairman Mao, which is a terrible idea leading to the deaths of millions, than perhaps it is best that we keep the two separate.

  But what about the people?  Corporations do not care about the people!  They care about what you will buy. They cannot rid themselves of the consumer or they will perish.  Perhaps they have a solution the government could never finance through the developmental stage. Many businesses are created and some will fail. The government cannot let its investment fail. Instead it makes every attempt to keep the respective program in the budget. I have to wonder, how many socialism versus capitalism conversations are conducted between Lyft/Uber rides while passing seemingly empty city buses?

No better example exists in defense of Capitalism than the use of boycotts during social protests. When racism rears its ugly head how quickly is the matter settled by the court of public opinion? Within hours the perpetrator is fired, publically humiliated, and the brand suffers. That is power. How many government officials have sealed files containing the settlements given to the victims of their abuse? By what authority do we have to call for their replacement? If it were as easy as a twitter storm then I believe his opposition would have already removed President Trump. A former football star kneels and the corporations must decide, according to the consumers, who they will support. That is your power in capitalism.

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